Secret of
Our unique

The Material

Quality product requires quality material.
We only choose the best of the best to craft each masterpiece to fit your purpose.
Not only is your product made from the best materials available in Thailand, they are also created with love and care. Each process has been refined and perfected for more than 30 years.

We believe in creating things that last.

Which is why your product will last for years to come.

Rattan, wood and metal

Craft and Design from
the best materials


A strong yet gentle natural material made from various types of palm.

Its charm lies in the strength and ease of manipulation for wickerwork.

Its beauty can make your furniture and accessories shine bright and astounding.

Its durability, combined with our factory’s making process, can make your furniture last for more than 10 years (as long as you keep them dry and indoor).


Durable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing – wood is our go-to material for making fine furniture.

We mainly use teak wood, ash wood and oak wood for their beauty and durability. They are also perfect for Thailand weather.

Any wood-related products made from our factory will not be easily bended because it went through our factory’s specialised drying and coating process. You can be confident in their strength and quality.


Mainly used for furniture due to its toughness and flexability in design. Able to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions.

We have a variety of metal colors for you to choose from. Each metal is made from heat pressure which makes the color coating suitable for outdoor environment.

Each product can last for a long time and its design is perfect for modern trends.

Materials surface

Rattan 01

Rattan 02

Rattan 04

Ash Wood 01

Teak Wood 01

Teak Wood 02